“Significant pain relief.”

"My wife bought me a bottle of That Stuff for Pain last year as a Christmas gift. I have a sore shoulder [bursitis] and two bad knees [arthritis, three arthroscopic surgeries] and I have until now used Lakota, which helps to a degree. However, once I tried That Stuff for Pain I finally found a product that gives me significant pain relief. I am amazed at how effective it is, and, I enjoy the smell of the solution. Even after it wears off I find myself occasionally sniffing the area where I have sprayed it. I find it rather addictive, but more importantly, it works and it helps me to get to sleep at night since I am not distracted by having to constantly change posture due to aches and pains."

— Randy, Milton, Ontario

“It has changed my life!”

"till yesterday I have been heavily medicating myself or ending up in emergency for my migraines with no hope of relief except through prescription drugs such as Demerol Oxys or morphine... I just happen to see your little bottle at a store and thought for $4 why not try it, I have never tried sprays... It has changed my life!! And I am sooo grateful! With a few sprays my pain is completely gone and once it’s back all I need to do is reapply!!! Thank you so much!! From a very grateful mom and my whole family as well!!!!!"

— Ana, Sylvan lake, Alberta


Found: An all-natural treatment for aches and pains

— Laura Robin, Ottawa Citizen.


“It worked and has worked ever since.”

"After being in pain from back surgery 50 years ago I have lived in pain for at least 45 of those years. The other day as I was being helped to shop at Home Hardware because I cannot shop myself, I noticed when I was paying for my products a bottle of spray marked “That Stuff For Pain,” so I bought a bottle and have not used any pain medicine since I came home and sprayed my back. It worked and has worked ever since. I have never been so happy. Nothing else has ever helped me to do any job or shopping for a long long time."

— Shirley, Sudbury, Ontario

“Wow! It's incredible.”

"I recently found "That Stuff For Pain" oddly enough in a hardware store in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada. I've suffered from chronic back pain for several years after a car accident. I have tried numerous balms, rubs, and patches. I thought I would give "That stuff for Pain" a try. Wow! It's incredible. I find instant relief seconds after applying it. I also let a friend of mine use it when she was having severe menstrual cramps and she swears it completely took the pain away. This product is fantastic. I like that it sprays on avoiding the need to get my hands covered in greasy rubs for pain. I feel like this is something I will always have on hand going forward and it now replaces all of my other topical pain relief products. Thank you!"

— Maggie, Brooklyn, NY

“... better than any pain medication”

Hi. First I want to tell you how thrilled and amazed I am with your product. Ten years ago I slipped on a piece of ice and broke my ankle in four places. They were unable to set it properly and I have suffered since then with surgeries, fusing and finally arthritis in my lower back and hips from the shortened leg. I have been bed ridden much of that time. I am only 54 years old now. Three years ago I was put on a strong pain medication called hydromorphone and finally had some mobility back in my life. Drs have gotten stricter about pain medication and I was weaned off the medication and told I would have to live with the pain. One day my husband brought home a bottle of That Stuff For Pain that he had bought at Home Hardware. I almost didn't try it as I had tried so many natural remedies with no relief. I did try it and was amazed with the relief. I can almost do a full day of housework etc. as long as I keep it handy. It actually works better than any pain medication or rub I have tried. Please don't ever stop making it or I don't know what I would do. I would have to try figuring out your recipe. Thank you so much.

— Niki, New Westminster, BC

“... love the natural alternative.”

I wanted to let you know that your product has helped my through so much! I picked up a small bottle to try it on a wrist that has been sore for 3 years after a bad break. It helps instantly every time I spray! The same week that I bought it I was hit with a wicked flu including an awful headache. Instead of taking pills I sprayed your product on my head every other hour and it did the job! Love the natural alternative - and proud it is made in my province!

Safe to say I have bought the big bottle now. Thank you!!!

— Nina, Winnipeg, MB

“... I can walk again!”

 I am a pain support councilor with a group called HELP ALBERTA . We are a volunteer patient driven support, education and advocacy group focused on chronic pain. I have a lot of chronic pain. I broke my back 7 years ago, I have hypermobile SI joints and fibromyalgia. I bought That Stuff For Pain on a whim and wow! Did it pay off!! I am completely amazed at how well this works!! I majorly over did it yesterday and could hardly move today. I used the spray this morning and I can walk again! I have promoted the spray on the pain support groups I run on facebook and will be promoting it at the in person support group that I also run. WELL DONE!!!

— Lana, Glenevis, AB

“... thought it was too good to be true”

I recently purchased a bottle of your spray at Tuckey’s Hardware in Wortley Village, London, Ontario. I had seen the product a few times at the counter while checking out, but had never purchased it, believing it was most likely similar to the other products on which I had spent numerous dollars. I had been suffering from sciatica for 7 months and was weary of taking pills and rub-on ointments to obtain any relief. So, on one Sunday afternoon, I threw caution to the wind and purchased a bottle! Ten minutes within using your spray, I felt instant relief. I truly thought it was too good to be true but this product continues to work for me, and allows me to function on days where ordinarily I could not, as even simple walking had become painful and a good nights sleep was inconceivable. I have since recommended and sent other people out to buy this product for themselves. I have also purchased two more bottles for myself as well as some extras to pack in my suitcase for my family down east. It is a product that deserves praise, and that is why I am taking the time to write you. 

Thank you to whomever had the foresight to come up with this fabulous concoction of a natural pain medication. Well done! 

— Deanna, London, ON

“I couldn’t believe how amazingly it helps”

I live in Winnipeg, and suffer from disassociate degenerate disc disease. Iam in constant pain on a daily basis, no amount of prescription medication has helped pain wise. Recently traveled to Nova Scotia to visit my family, and a friend of the family said she had this spray called “ that stuff for pain” and gave me some to try. I couldn’t believe how amazingly it helps, in the mornings, I can barely walk, but after using your product all over my back, hips and legs, iam to at least walk around with mild discomfort where as before I couldn’t. My parents made sure I came back to Winnipeg with a few bottles, it was difficult to find because every store that sold it was almost out or out, but luckily I did find 3 small bottles. I am so pleased to find out it is made locally here in Manitoba.

Thank you so much for this miracle product.

— Elsie, Winnipeg, MB

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